Volvo Ocean Race

Opening Hours

The Festival will be open from 9am to 10pm daily from 17th – 25th January and again from 27th-31st January 2018.

On Friday 26th Jan the Festival will only be open from 9am-4pm due to a special event that evening. The Race Festival will be closed from 4pm-11pm due to a special headline performance and entry will be by ticket only which can be redeemed via Ticketflap

Festival Entrance

Admission to the Race Festival is free of charge and open to the public on all days except for 26 January 2018 from 4pm.

On 26 January 2018 there will be a special entertainment event that will require a ticket to gain entry. This ticket has a $65 mandatory Transport Fee plus a $10 ticket processing fee .Due to traffic congestion, all ticket goers must take one of the specially arranged transport options. Please note this is at a cost of $65 to the ticket holder. There is no access to the venue by means other than one of these provided transport options at cost $65.

Only ticket holders will be granted entry to the festival on 26 January


There is no general parking available onsite at Kai Tak Runway Park. Please use our Festival Transport to access the Festival from Kwun Tong .

Wheelchair Access

Kai Tak Runway Park is wheelchair accessible as are some of the Festival activities

Sustainable Environment

Please respect Hong Kong and Kai Tak Runway Park and dispose of all trash in the bins provided around the park


No dogs or animals are allowed in Kai Tak Runway Park or at the Festival

Flying Drones

Flying drones is not allowed at the event, due to helicopters flying in the area.

Common House Rules of Event

Any person may be refused entry if they commit the following :

-Clothing and accessories carrying deliberate commercial or advertising messages or logos

-Clothing and accessories carrying political, racial, religious or offensive messages

-Clothing and accessories carrying flags, designs or messages that may be used for protest or demonstration

-Flags and banners which are:

  1. a) Larger than 2 x 1 meter;
  2. b) Offensive;
  3. c) Made of flammable material

To ensure public safety at the venue, persons shall not bring any glass containers or any other dangerous items into the venue. The organizer may inspect the personal belongings of persons seeking entry to the venue

No loudhailers, banners, bunting, flyers or publicity materials of any kind shall be brought into and/or used/displayed in the venue without prior permission from the organizer

No promotional materials, souvenirs and give-away items may be distributed in the venue without prior permission from the organizer

The organizer will deny entry to the venue or remove from it any person who fails to comply with the Rules

Security staff at the Venues may intercept or interdict persons who constitute a threat to public safety and good order for any reason, including those apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those in possession of dangerous items or substances. Such persons may be barred from entry or ejected from the Venues

Security staff are authorized to invite people present at or entering the Venues to submit to security screening, and search of personal belongings and bags. Persons who refuse to submit to security screening or search without good reason may be refused entry and removed from the Venues.

Persons entering or present at the Venues shall not deliberately cause obstruction at points of entry or exit, stairways, aisles, zone access points, emergency exits or access routes for emergency services within the Venues, nor shall they impede, obstruct or detrimentally affect the flow of pedestrians or traffic on roads and walkways;

Interference with the smooth running of the event in any form.